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Thermoforming Information for Inventors
You’ve done your planning, research...cost analysis. You "KNOW you have the next great concept, but you now need to turn the concept from an idea into REALITY!

However, taking an idea to reality can be an overwhelming process. Everything counts: labor, materials, packaging and more. But in the end, one area is certain...no matter whether your product is the next medical break-through or innovative computer component, custom plastic is in your future. You will need plastic thermoformed enclosures which are cost effective, customizable, of superior quality and eye-appealing. Everything today is competitive. Techniform Industries can help you do this economically with high-quality plastic thermoforming from prototype design to going to market.

The thermoforming process offers close tolerances, tight specifications, sharp detail, extreme flexibility in tooling and engineering and fast set-up and production of custom plastic products. Plastic thermoforming is commonly selected over injection molding for these many reasons, but especially due to setup and tooling costs.

The key to successful thermoforming is having the right guide. At Techniform Industries we have many years of experience in managing plastic thermoformed product development. We eliminate unnecessary delays, excessive mold costs, and wasted time. Instead we offer a profitable solution in thermoforming.

At Techniform Industries we have worked with numerous inventors and start-up companies through the years since starting in 1972, and have an unmeasured long tradition of quality, service, innovation and value as a custom plastic thermoformer.

Unlike many other processes thermoforming is an inexpensive process comparatively, and well in the budget of most inventors - unlike injection molds for example. In addition, inventors typically are somewhat familiar with our industry, but still may require a bit of education to get their idea from a concept to market and into long-term successful distribution channels.

We suggest reviewing the different areas on our website (thermoforming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, twin sheet forming), and then finish by reviewing our FAQ area. This information should get you up to speed with the thermoforming process and ready to meet with a professional at Techniform Industries.

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